Top 10 Bloggers in Nepal | Most Popular Nepali Blogs

 I hold a keen interest in discovering new Nepali blogs. Since I stumble upon numerous Nepali blogs regularly, I conceived the idea of compiling a list of all the Nepali blogs I encounter. Please note that this may not be an exhaustive list, and I welcome recommendations for your blog in the comments section. The aim is to progressively develop a comprehensive directory of Nepali blogs over time.

Top 10 Nepali Bloggers | Featured List

In this featured list, I’ve compiled popular Nepali blogger with specific rankings order. The list primarily consists of blogs that resonate well with the Nepali audience and community.

1. MySansar

Established in 2005 by Salokya, Mysansar has gained significant popularity among the Nepali diaspora, making it one of the most frequently visited Nepali blogs on the internet.

2. Ashesh’s Blog

Primarily known for its focus on Nepali tools like calendar and date converters, Ashesh’s blog is a personal blog written by Ashesh. It encompasses a diverse range of topics, including web programming, design, Nepali events, and more.

3. The Bipin Blog

Founded by Bipin Budhathoki, TheBipinBlog has rapidly gained popularity as one of the most visited sites in Nepal. Known for its comprehensive collection of how-to guides, tips, tricks, and strategies for online money-making, TheBipinBlog has amassed a devoted audience since its inception. As a preferred hub for individuals seeking valuable insights and practical advice, TheBipinBlog is an invaluable resource.

4. lexlimbu

The blog is founded by Lex Limbu and is based in London, UK. The website primarily covers news and events related to Nepal and the Nepali diaspora community.

5. Ghumante

Among travel enthusiasts, Ghumante stands out as a renowned group of travel bloggers known for its captivating vlogs. Comprising travel enthusiasts, photographers, and adventurers, the group explores Nepal and its surroundings, sharing their travel experiences and photo journals with the world. Established in 2015 by Kanchan Rai and the team, Ghumante has gained significant attention and a loyal following among viewers and readers, making it one of the leading travel blogger groups.

6. Excitingnepal

At the forefront of modern blogging, travel blogging stands out as a prominent genre. Numerous travel bloggers and websites cater to the needs of wanderlust enthusiasts. In the bustling realm of Nepal’s growing tourism industry, one such masterpiece is Subash K.C.’s This blogging platform has achieved remarkable success, attracting a wide audience seeking reliable and comprehensive information about travel destinations.

7. Nepaliblogger

Among the early Nepali bloggers, Pradeep Singh stands out for maintaining multiple successful blogging sites. His renowned blog,, offers captivating content covering diverse topics ranging from music to startup events, sports to smartphones, and national to international news.


Here’s a compelling lifestyle blogger who goes by the enigmatic name “M.” Being a Nepali-Australian, M’s diverse interests encompass travel, writing, fashion, and cooking. Not surprisingly, her blog,, is a captivating tapestry of her experiences in Australia, her culinary adventures, and her globetrotting escapades. As a bonus, M’s blog features a treasure trove of recipes inspired by her worldly travels. Be sure to check them out, as you might find yourself whipping up delicious dishes using M’s culinary techniques.


Have you ever considered the impact of narrowing your focus in a specific segment? Anand Nepal’s is the embodiment of this approach. This blogging site is singularly dedicated to creating blogs exclusively centered around the Nepali film industry. Whether you’re a film enthusiast or simply curious about Nepali cinema, Anand Nepal’s blog is the destination for you. With insightful reviews and engaging content, this site offers a unique perspective on the world of Nepali movies.

10. TechLekh

TechLekh offers unique content, including car and bike reviews, and a variety of tech news and information. Founded by data scientists and entrepreneurs, TechLekh also has dedicated content for tech in Nepal and allows anyone to submit articles.


In last, the esteemed group of Nepal’s top 10 bloggers showcases the extraordinary influence of digital storytelling in shaping, inspiring, and connecting individuals. From the trailblazers who established the groundwork to the emerging talents shaping the future, every blogger contributes to a lively online space that mirrors the depth and variety of Nepalese culture. As we honor their accomplishments, let us acknowledge the transformative potential that blogging brings to shaping our shared perspective and consciousness.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What makes a blogger stand out in Nepal?

Authenticity, consistency, and a unique voice are key factors that set successful bloggers apart in Nepal.

How do Nepali bloggers monetize their blogs?

Nepali bloggers monetize their blogs through sponsored content, affiliate marketing, product endorsements, and brand partnerships.

Are there any specific niches that Nepali bloggers specialize in?

Yes, Nepali bloggers cover a wide range of niches including travel, food, fashion, technology, and personal development, among others.

What challenges do Nepali bloggers face?

Nepali bloggers encounter challenges such as internet connectivity issues, limited resources, and competition from established platforms.

How can aspiring bloggers in Nepal overcome challenges and succeed?

By staying true to their passion, being persistent, and leveraging available resources, aspiring bloggers can overcome challenges and achieve success.

What role do Nepali bloggers play in society?

Nepali bloggers empower voices, amplify diverse perspectives, and contribute to a more inclusive online community, fostering dialogue and understanding.

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