Google Meet, free for everyone, so use it

How the world is changing is beyond anyone's comprehension. Within a few months, the group's working style changed. Meetings are no longer limited to traditional meetings.

Meetings have become a means to an end. The meetings that are taking place now are the most important meetings ever.

That's why Google has re-engineered its meat products. Launched for business meetings, this service is now available free of charge to all.

Since March, Meat's Advance Firch has been made available free of charge to all G Suite users, and its daily usage has increased 30-fold. The meet now hosts three billion minutes of video meetings daily.

Last month, Google added about 3 million new users per day. Now the company offers its services to people all over the world.

The company announced the rollout of the new meat two weeks ago. Anyone with an email address can host a meeting by signing up to In addition, to make the meeting more accessible and easier, the company has made the meet directly accessible in Gmail.

Here's how to use meet

If you have a Gmail account, you can easily sign in and use Google Meet. If you do not have a Google Account, you need to create one. It won't take you long.

First, open Google Meet by clicking here for the website. Now, if you click on 'Start a meeting', a window will open. In which new and safe meeting can be organized and joined.

Now click on the Join Now option on the right. After that, your meeting room is ready. In which you can see the link as a pop up.

Share this link Others may be invited to attend the meeting. You can also send an invitation via email by clicking on the ad people below it.

You can easily join a meeting hosted by others by entering a meeting code. You can also plan a video meeting and invite others through Google Calendar.

To use Meet Direct from Gmail, you can click Start a Meeting or Join a Meeting in the Meet New at the bottom of the email section on the left.

The importance of video meetings has never been greater. Google has been developing fast-paced features to make it available to everyone.

Features like simple meet schedule, screen sharing, real time captions, custom layout, wide clear screen can all be used for free.

In addition to this, you will also get the facility to chat with the meeting, video and camera quality selection options, audio and microphone quality options.

All of these features are based on Google's secure, reliable, and global infrastructure. You can also get a good experience from the meetings hosted at the meet.

The wide screen view seen in it will make you feel more closely connected. "We're constantly looking for ways to make Google Meet more accessible and useful," said Javier Soltero, vice president and managing director of G Suite.

For example, video meetings are very challenging for the deaf. Therefore, the company has also made the automatic live caption of AI available to everyone. As a result, the platform is different from the medium of competitive zoom and additional features.

Google AI also provides low light mode with other useful features. Which automatically combines light to make your video visible on the screen.

Click here for iOS users and here for Android users to download Google Meet on mobile.
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