Absolutely Free! Make your Mobile as Wireless Mouse

The fun of Wireless Mouse is different in the winter season, if you are watching a movie on the computer at night and you suddenly have to pause or reduce or increase the volume or shut down the computer, if you have a wireless mouse All the work will be done easily like a remote control, but if not, you will have to get up from the bad, which seems very bad in the winter, but if you have an android phone, you can easily get it wirelessly without spending a penny. can turn into a mouse, let's know how -

To convert your android phone to a wireless mouse, you have to download Android Mouse and Keyboard Apps in your computer and android phone. You can download this apps for Android Phone from Google Play Store and for computer you can download from Android Mouse's site.

  • When you do Android Mouse and Keyboard Apps in Computer, then you will see the IP Address, it is different for every Computer. Make a note of it all.
  • Now run this apps in your android phone.
  • Here you will get the option of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as soon as you open the app, by selecting Wi-Fi, type the IP address noted from your computer and connect it, your android phone became a wireless mouse that too Absolutely Free
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