Knocking the iPhone opens the Mac computer

 What's your secret password on your PC? In the event that you need to keep the secret key so others don't utilize it, why not? In any case, not innovation, you know! Do you deal with your own hand like a more interesting's hand? Furthermore, you need to enter the secret word without fail. Dread of knowing the secret key if a similar numbskull falls close to you. Then again, I didn't show the kids that I planned to enter the secret key (we used to do this previously. The console would be punctured with the forefinger and the secret key would likewise be lost). 

You don't need to do that any longer.

There is an app called Knock to Unlock which opens the MacBook as if you have knocked on the door of Pocket's iPhone mobile without changing the password. After you open the MacBook, you reach the stage of asking for the password.

This app has two parts, the first is the desktop app that runs on Mac and the other is the iPhone app. When you double-tap on your iPhone, the Mac app activates and enters the password.

This does not mean that the password is no longer used on your Mac. So why pay for a password? Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT isn't for me either. You can download this app only after paying рей 3.99. If the iPhone is away or you feel lazy to tap on the iPhone, you can open the computer by pressing the password yourself anytime. So this app is only for those who are afraid to enter a special password but think that the computer is safe.

This app is currently only available for Mac. Ray is also coming for Windows. The makers are now working on a Windows version. An iPhone only works with a Mac. If you have iOS 7 running on your iPhone to have this app, you need Mountain Lion or Mac OS X Mavericks on your Mac.

How do you feel about technology? Download Knock to Unlock if you like !

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