Nokia smartphone with battery life of three days

 If you have the experience of using a Nokia barphone, then you have also experienced the long battery life. The Nokia G21 smartphone is also among the phones with long battery life.

Also, how is the performance, camera, storage, display of this smartphone? Today I am giving all the information through this phone review.

Nokia, which reigned supreme in the era of barphones, is not able to attract the generation of smartphones.

However, according to the G21 budget, which is aimed at the new generation, it seems to be excellent. When Nokia came to G20 through Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, C series, Nokia has not been able to return its old identity.

But looking at the design, looks and performance of Nokia G series G21, there is little hope.

This phone with 6 GB RAM and 128 storage has an Octacore processor of Unisac chipset. Multitasking is easy and fast because of the Octacore processor.

In other words, social media can also be used while viewing articles on web browsing. It is definitely faster than quad core.

In my personal experience, I got good results. When tested on Geekbench, the single core score was 305 and the multicore score was 1206.

Looking at the looks, its back panel is made of plastic. The phone is less likely to fall out of the hand. The rounded camera on the G20 made the phone look bad.

But the rounded rectangular camera in G21 shows the design well. On the right side is the volume button and the power button. The power button also has a fingerprint sensor.

Compared to other smartphones, its fingerprint sensor is good. At the bottom of the fan there is a Type-C port, a microphone along with a speaker tray. Talking about the sound, it is not that loud. But the quality is there.

Similarly, a button for Google Assistant has been given on the left side. The top of the fan has an audio jack and a microphone.

1600*720 HD resolution 6.5" IPS LCD display has a 6.5"  IPS LCD panel. It supports a refresh rate of 90 Hz.

Adaptive refresh rate drops to 60 Hz as needed. Brightness is only 400 nits. Now let's talk about the camera. Along with the 50 megapixel main camera, there is a 2/2 megapixel depth sensor and a macro sensor.

The legs were found to be of good quality during the day. Ultra wide in G20 is not in G21. While the ultrawide camera is common in all phones of this range.

There is a macro for capturing small details, which gives a detailed image when capturing the object at a distance of up to 4 cm. But because the resolution is low, when the light is low, noises appear in the photo.

Night mode photos are sharper. After zooming in, you can see the split blur. Similarly, the 8 megapixel camera on the front takes good selfies.

The experience was the same when capturing video. Without it, video cannot be captured. Although it is more advanced than the G20 series, the camera features of the G21 cannot meet the needs of the current market.

The battery backup of Nokia G21 series is the best. After I fully charged and played the game for an hour, the total was reduced by 7%. It lasts up to 8 hours even when played continuously.

If it is for normal use, then it works comfortably for two to three days. Although it supports up to 18 watts, the company only provides a 10-watt charger, which takes about three hours to charge.

PUBG Mobile ran smoothly without any lag while playing in HD graphics. Similarly, playing Asphalt-9 was a good experience. Fan was not so hot.

Battery backup is good. It has 6 GB of RAM. The performance was good even when playing PUBG in Full HD settings. Even though the GPU has an underpowered chipset, the problem of game lag is not a problem. Good for normal gaming.

Operating system guarantee of up to two years has been given in this phone. That is, this phone running on Android 11 is updated to Android 13 for free. It also provides 36 security updates.

There is nothing much different about Nokia's entry-level budget phone G21. However, there is no less than the smartphones in this range in the market.

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