Good use of your old USB drive

 Assuming you're considering discarding them, don't do that. In this article, you will learn different astounding things you can do with these old USB drives.

All things considered, it's in every case better to reuse old electronic gadgets than to discard them.

4 uses of your Old USB drives

Run Linux on it

Most Linux working frameworks are exceptionally light. You can without much of a stretch introduce them on 8GB or 16GB drives. They have strong use cases. For instance, your working framework is debased however you want a PC to quickly follow through with something. You can do this by connecting the USB that has Linux introduced on it. You don't need to introduce anything on the PC. It works regardless of whether the PC's hard circle or SSD is bad. This will prove to be useful when you want a working situation immediately. Another utilization case may be that you go out without your PC, yet you need to run things on your connection point, with this Linux OS on your USB, you can run it on any PC.

Make a bootable drive for Windows

Degenerate Windows is something typical. In any case, it very well may be irritating when you don't have a bootable Windows drive to reinstall Windows. Likewise, on the off chance that you don't have another PC, it's difficult to make a bootable drive immediately. Your old USB can be your friend in need in these circumstances. Convert it to a bootable drive for what's in store. When Windows gets tainted, plug in that USB drive and it just requires 30-45 minutes to introduce another duplicate of Windows. After establishment, you better go.

Use it as a backup storage device for your Smartphone

Cell phone capacity tops off extremely quick these days. On the off chance that you think this is an issue for you, convey your old pen drive and OTG link any place you go. When your telephone's memory moves total information to a pen drive, you will actually want to involve your cell phone's stockpiling for quite a while.

Install portable apps

There might be some applications that you can't survive without. For an essayist, this could be his composing programming. For any other individual, this could be their program. For another person, this could be her photograph proofreader. Whatever that individual application is, you just need it yet you travel commonly without a PC. Convenient applications can assist you with this issue. Introduce your applications from the Portable Apps site to your USB drive and run them any place you go.

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