Can a hacked Facebook page be restored?

 Just like the famous YouTube channel, Facebook page has been hacked, one day our account may also be hacked. Therefore, it is necessary to be vigilant in time.

Read this article to know how YouTube is hacked or what to do to get back the hacked channel. Today we specifically discuss how Facebook or Facebook pages are hacked and what can be done to bring them back.

First of all, let's learn how to hack Facebook or Facebook page. Hackers often target more followers or more familiar Facebook pages.

If you run a Facebook page, then maybe someone in your page's inbox has not been tempted to advertise. If not here's a new product just for you!

They show the temptation to advertise in the inbox of the page they are targeting. They often ask for admin access to your page with the name of a reputed company or brand. Or ask for the email address you linked to on Facebook.

If you provide that email, they will send you an e-mail saying they will send thousands of dollars a day to the bank. If you agree, they will send you a link to sign up.

If you sign up believing the same assurance, you know your page has been hacked. In some cases, local Internet service providers, such as NTC or Ncell, create fake pages and promise to provide free data in the post.

To get the free data available, they have to click on a link and send a link created by themselves. If we go there and sign up from our Facebook or Gmail ID, you know your password has reached their server.

So before you think about how to get hacked, you have to think about how to be aware beforehand. Facebook has brought many privacy features to prevent Facebook account or page being hacked. To prevent your Facebook from being hacked, you need to pay attention to the following.

1. Use two-factor authentication

You can enable two-factor authentication by going to your Facebook settings and privacy. Because of this, if your ID has to be logged somewhere, the code will come to your phone via SIM.

Only if the code is provided can another person log in to your account. Or you may have to follow the same procedure when logging in to another device or different browsers of the same device.

2. Check the authorized login

You need to go to the settings of your Facebook account and check the authorized login from time to time. This will let you know which devices or browsers your account is logged into. This will allow you to identify and remove any unwanted logged in browsers or devices.

3. Do not give the page roll to anyone

The hacking of your Facebook page may have been the result of negligence on the part of other people besides you. So before giving an admin role to your Facebook page, you have to give a lot of thought.

After making them admin, you need to enable two-factor authentication in their account. If given any other role (admin, moderator or editor) they should be warned to use Facebook.

Given the role of editor, if his account is hacked, the hacker can block the page through Facebook by making unnecessary posts.

4. Take care of your Facebook account or page yourself

You are responsible for how secure your Facebook account is. So it is important to pay attention to many things while using Facebook.

In particular, you need to sign up from your Facebook account before entering any site. In that case, you need to consider how reliable the site is. All you have to do is create an account for your page and a separate one for your personal project.

If you have so much security, the chances of your Facebook account being hacked are very low. If these procedures are not followed and the Facebook page is hacked, it is impossible to get it back.

If a hacker has just removed you from the page admin, you can find out who controls the page from your business page. You can also remove that person from the page roll.

If your Facebook account or page has been verified by Facebook, there are some procedures. For that you can bring back the page in a few days by chatting live on Facebook's 'Help Center' or by submitting your official details.

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