Class 12 results published, see online

 Class 12 results have been published. The results have been made public as per the decision of the meeting of the National Examination Board held on Friday.

The results have been uploaded in the examination board system. You can view your results through Nepal Telecom's website by clicking here.

Apart from this, by dialing 1601, as per the instructions received, by entering your symbol number through IVR and typing neb in the message box, after typing your symbol number, you can also know your result by sending an SMS to 1600.

According to the board, 7,036 students got 'A Plus' grade, 48,339 students got 'A' grade and 70,000 got 'B Plus' grade. About one lakh students have got ‘B’, some students have got C and D and about 10 thousand have got ‘E’ grade.

Three lakh 85 thousand students had participated in the examination which was held from September 12 to September 20.

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