What to do in life? (जिवनमा के गर्ने हो)

This question is an important question of everyone's life. When we see a football player playing, it comes to mind that why don't we become a football player. If you see a cricketer, then you think of becoming a cricketer, if you are a hockey player, boxer or whatever is the player of your game, then we think that we do it too. But to do a little thought, you will have to give more life to do it. Your thoughts should not change every day. If you saw a social worker, you would feel that I too become a social worker. It is respected in society. If you see an actor, then the actor becomes in the mind. This is a very disturbing question.

Now the question arises whether the responsibility of running the entire house is on you. If yes, then you will think again and again that roti dal for home

How will you arrange for Today it takes 10 hours to do a job of 10 thousand. Let's make it a bit different, which are extra ordinary. And those who earn more sometimes have no goal in life. So friends, first you have to set your goal. It is not that you will set goals at once. Many times we ourselves do not know what to do? What are we interested in?

We think that we can do everything. No need to panic. Start doing any work you like. If you work, take time between them or after coming home. Because you have to give time. Merely cooking casserole is not going to make a thing. Do what you like, one day, two days, three days, four days, 1 month, 2 months. If you do it, your heart does not get filled. I feel that if I keep doing this work then you can target that work. If your mind gets bored within 5-7 days then you will not be able to do this work.

But don't be desperate at all. Just assume that you can do the work without hours of tiredness, you can specialize in it or you are only able to do it. But you will have to give time to that work. For example, if someone wants to learn music, he should also be interested and will also have to take notes from a music teacher. You become like Narayan Gopal sitting at home, it is not possible without doing anything. Yes, some God gifts are different. Gopal yonjon had not learned musical knowledge from anywhere. Just a little information. But he was ascendant and God was pleased that he could sing any song in unison.

So do what you like best. Do not see anyone's sight. There are 2 things, either you are doing only to earn money or you are doing your hobby to fulfill that hobby. Money will be in luck, neither will it come from hobbies. Yes, if your family only needs money, then you first fulfill a small job by fulfilling that need as well. Do not ignore him at all. Because then neither you will be able to fulfill your goal nor will you be able to run your family.

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So the answer to the question what should you do in life? The answer is that whatever you like the most, you do it rather than looking at someone else's sight. Do whatever work you feel happy doing. The work you are interested in and it will be known when you start doing that work. They keep on working, keep on doing it. You will feel that you are not interested. Nothing is going to happen by reading more success stories. Will only happen when you start that work. So make a time table and get involved in that work.

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