Let's stop corona terror. Let's protect people's physical and mental health.

 This corona closes the drama of positive and negative.

What happens if you are positive?

Is there a vaccine?


Is there medicine?


Is Isolation Any Treatment?


What is the treatment?


Has anyone who came in contact with the so-called Corona infected moved?


Can a simple mask block the virus?


So if the common cold cannot be cured without medicine, how can 19,000 corona positive people in our country be cured without treatment?

Nobody knows

Is the death of the person with corona certain?


What is the probability of death?

1.2 to 4% at most.

A 100% healthy person with no disease has died from corona?


So how reasonable is it to force a healthy person with no symptoms to get sick?

What happens if it is negative?

A person who has received a negative report today is not likely to be positive now?

It is 100%.

Do you get negative when you test in another lab?

No trust.

So why this drama?

Why the terror news?

There are millions of viruses on earth. Man has digested. He has the natural power to digest.

That is what history says.

That is what science says.

Isn't that what Survival of the Fittest is all about?

Hiding with Corona could destroy human civilization.

Even if you test our swab today, the probability of coming positive is 50%. In Vietnam, it is seen positive even in fruit animals and in Nepal, everyone must have read the news of corona in sewage water. Anything positive or negative can come because it is written in the testing kit as not for medical purpose.

Health precautions must be taken in all diseases.

P.S. Let's stop corona terror. Let's protect people's physical and mental health.

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