Most probable question for the interview preparation for the Gurkhas Recruitment

Unemployment is key problem of Nepal. So, peoples of Nepal are choosing the British Army and Singapore Police for job. Unlikely, there is so hard to get that job. People need to pass so many test i.e. physical, medical and educational test etc. to qualify. Gurkha soldier recruited from Nepal ha served the British crown loyally since 1815. We know that GURKHAS have played key role during operations in Balkans, East Timor, Sierra Leon, Afghanistan and Iraq.
The British Gurkha camp in Pokhara is the central point for all recruiting activities in Nepal and in December each year. The selection process is purely merit-based. Final selection is determined by a number of physical and mental assessment.

You can find the movie guide to how to prepare for physical test and Sample of education papers on their official site

Most probable question for the interview preparation for the
Gurkhas Recruitment.

  • ·         Could you please supply about your family background?

  • ·         Since there several options of employment but you have opted for only to join British Army. What is the reason?

  • ·         As you explained that your father was a retired armed personal of Indian army then why don’t you seek to join Indian Army

  • ·         Well, it is seen that most of the young boys who hail from rural side they migrate permanently to UK after they join British army, what is your comment about this?

  • ·         “Royal Nepal army” does play a key role in international peace keeping force that do you mean by “international peace keeping”?

  • ·         Why should Nepalese join British Army? Tell any 5 relevant reasons of your choice?

  • ·         War is alive of destructive, yet countries are engaged in war, can’t we stop war in future?

  • ·         Nowadays, terrorism has become one of the biggest threat to the world humanity. What is your prospection about terrorism?

  • ·         In case of selection in the British Army, what would be your first reaction?

  • ·         Nepalese Gurkha have liong standing history in the Royal British Army. What is a knowledge about them?

  • ·         As we know that to be an ideal soldier one should have some extra ordinary features. What are some essential qualities to be a successful soldier?

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