Why postpaid balance is deducted on the 15th?

Users of Nepal Telecom complained on social media after the balance of postpaid was suddenly deducted on Wednesday night without informing them. This is not the first time a complaint has been heard by a Telecom postpaid user.

But why does it always happen?

Nepal Telecom bills postpaid every 15 days. That is, the postpaid user's monthly expenses are deducted on the same day.

For postpaid users, a minimum balance is specified each month, called a rental. There are two rental facilities for telecom users.

One for three hundred rupees and the other for nine hundred rupees. You can choose such rental according to your expenses. Postpaid users can use phone, SMS and data with postpaid packs from the same rental balance.

There is an additional charge to purchase other packs. In this way, the postpaid user will have to pay for the next month. The calculation of which will be released on the 15th.

On the day before the calculation, the excess chargeback money used with the rental balance is deducted from the balance remaining on postpaid or after the recharge. When there is no balance, the call is repeated.

Telecom will deduct the balance from the balance users on the night of the 15th after recharging in case of non-balance. Since the minimum rental has to be paid for postpaid usage, when the amount is added, the balance seems to be deducted a lot.
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