Make Money from Daraz Influencer Hub – Best For Small Creators Join Now!

 Looking for to earn some money through affiliate marketing in Nepal ? In this article I will provide you the best affiliate marking platform for small creator or publisher i.e Daraz online shopping.

  • Daraz Influencer Hub: specially for small creator or publisher. No any terms and condition applied to join. Limited product or item.
  • Daraz Affiliate Program: for Hugh fan base creator or publisher terms and conditions applied. At list 10k follower on social media platform and minimum 50k plus average monthly views.

Do you want to learn more about the Affiliate Program of Daraz online Shopping? Let us know in the comments section.

How to Join Influencer Hub on Daraz? Easy Steps

First thing first, if you haven’t download Daraz app or create an account. Firstly you need to download and Create an Account on Daraz. and let’s jump into the easy steps to create an Influencer Hub account on Daraz.

  • Open Daraz App and Go to Profile Icon: You need to login Daraz using your main account after that go to profile icon.

  • Visit Influencer Hub: you will find a lots of option there search for Influencer Hub option click on it.

  • Fill up the Details: 1. add your social sides link like YouTube, Instagram, or others site as well as add follower or subscriber you have. 2. Add your email account. 3. Agree Terms and conditions. 4. check and verify all the details and then click on Apply button.

  • Choose your preferred category: Now, choose your category which is related with your contain like Health and Beauty, Mobile and Tables. Don’t worry you can edit these details once you are login. Afer choosing your preferred category click back button once.

La hai badhai chha, you have successfully create your Influencer Hub account on Daraz. Choose any item or product and start affiliating.

How much I can earn From influencer hub?

Earning depend upon 2 factor.

  1. Product or Item commission: while choosing any product or item you can see the commission percent some might be less then 3% and some might be more then 12%. So, want to earn more refer high commission rate items.
  2. More Refer equal to more earning: there is no any limit of earning through affiliate more you refer more you earn but to earn more must follow No.1

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