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When Facebook and Instagram went down 


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Update: Why is there a problem in Facebook, Instagram and threads?

Social networks run by Facebook's parent company, Meta, have also seen problems. For about an hour since Tuesday night, there has been a problem on Meta platform's Facebook, Instagram and threads.

Users could not log in to all the three social networks, and the users expressed their interest through other social networks. Facebook and threads were not being loaded around 9:30 pm as the reports started to surface on the down detector.

In the same way, the Insta feeds of Kayan users could not be refreshed, even though Meta said that there was a problem, they did not give any information about what happened. We are aware that users are having problems using our services. We're working on it right now, Meta spokesman Andy Stone said on social media site X on Tuesday. Within a few moments of his tweet, the problem was solved and all the related social sites were restored.

Earlier in 2021, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp were blocked for more than 6 hours. At the time, Facebook said the problem was caused by a configuration change on the backbone routers.

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