How to Buy Google ad from Khalti Now!

Simply beginning your business or to promote your YouTube videos? Khalti, Nepal’s leading digital wallet, has partnered with Tele Digital Services Pvt. Ltd. to offer a convenient new feature: “Buy Google Ad credit from Khalti.” This allows you to top up your Google Ads account directly from the Khalti app, making online advertising more accessible than ever.

Khalti: A secure and popular digital wallet app in Nepal, it allows users to make online payments, recharge phones, pay bills, and more.

Google Ads: An online advertising platform by Google that allows businesses and individuals to create targeted ads and reach potential customers across Google Search, YouTube, and other platforms.

Now, the exciting news!

Through Khalti, you can now directly top up your Google Ads account. This collaboration offers several benefits:

Convenience: Top up your Google ad account directly with the Khalti app, no need for Dollar cards.

Flexibility: Choose from top-up amounts ranging from $100 to $500 to suit your advertising budget.

Transparency: Khalti clearly displays the total payment amount in Nepali Rupees (NPR) including any applicable taxes and fees.

Here’s what you need to know:

Additional charges: Users have to pay Withholding tax (Reverse TDS) of 17.65%, Digital Tax of 2%, Account Management Fee, and VAT of 13% in additional to Ad Credit Topup.

Ad Credit and total Payment in (NPR)

100$=Rs 19,485.10
200$=Rs 38,369.04
500$=Rs 94,419.69

Certificates: Businesses who top up their Google Ads account via Khalti will receive a TDS certificate, Digital Tax Certificate, and VAT invoice from Tele Digital Services Pvt. Ltd.

Steps to Buy Google Ad Credit from Khalti:

  • Sign in to your Khalti account.
  • Go to “Popular Services.”
  • Select “Google Ad Credit.”
  • Choose your desired top-up amount.
  • Enter the necessary details.
  • Proceed to pay.

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