Let's have a massive mass movement for research, innovation and invention: Mahabir Pun

 Chairman of the National Innovation Center, Mahavir Pun, has announced a massive public movement for research, innovation and invention.

In a post on social media, Chairman Pun has appealed to the youth to prepare for the movement saying that the state is treating those who want to do research and innovation in an insulting manner.

Let's start a big movement from Kathmandu valley. I will lead it," he wrote.

He further writes, "The federal government's disrespectful behavior towards research and innovation by the federal government has made me like a tiger wounded by a hunter." If you have to die, you will die by dragging your feet! Let's protest first and talk later.''

He said that the movement of the youth will be accelerated and the date of the movement will be fixed after discussion.

"Now, let's get the youth up and prepare for the movement. Those who want to work in movement management should go ahead by creating Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. This is not a political movement but political parties can participate. The movement of youth is fast. The date of the protest will be decided after the discussion.

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