Add balance to Facebook Ad account using Nepali Card?

Today I’m gonna show you how you can add balance to your Facebook Ad account using Nepali card. Few people know this trick, but I haven’t come across anyone who knows how to do so. I found this way of boosting like years ago, but haven’t shared it with anyone cause no one was interested.

But recently I have seen people being scammed on the name of boosting their FB pages. Some people are even paying like Rs130 per $1 which is actually crazy. So without wasting any time of yours, let’s get to the part where you can actually do what I’m saying to you.

Please note that the account we will be creating will be prepaid account. It means you need to add balance everytime you need to run your ads. You can’t run without paying from this method.

Follow the steps below to add balance into your facebook ad account :-

  1. Firstly open you Facebook and go to your ad manager & create your ad account. If possible use the account you haven’t used before for boosting else you might not be able to do so.
  2. After creating the ad account, now it’s time to go to the Payment Setting.
  3. Now in the business info sections select country as India & Indian Rupee as currency.
  4. After that click on “Add Funds“, and enter the amount you want to add into your account & select Debit or Credit Card as payment method click Next.
  5. You can use any card you have. If you don’t have an bank account and card, then make IME Pay account & use the virtual card provided by IME Pay.
  6. After entering your card details click next and then a OTP will be sent to your number. You will have to enter that OTP to add the money from your bank account to your ad account.
  7. After you enter the OTP and confirm it, the money will be deducted your card and added into your ad account.

So this is the way you can add equilibrium to your Facebook Ad account utilizing the cards gave by Nepali Banks. Inform me as to whether you like the technique or not? And furthermore let me in on what you need to know in my next articles.
Much obliged to you


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