Method of Outlook Migration to Gmail

It's an agony to need to physically relocate the entirety of your business contacts and email content starting with one email customer then onto the next. In case you're moving from Outlook to Gmail, the local Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Outlook apparatus significantly disentangles this cycle. Make certain to run the application on the PC on which your Microsoft Outlook account is by and by being used. 

Download and introduce Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Outlook (interface in Resources). 

Dispatch Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Outlook, enter your Gmail address and secret key, click the "Remember Me" check box, and afterward click "Proceed" or "Next" to sign in. 

Select the Microsoft Outlook account you need to relocate to Gmail, click the "Migrate all data" radio button, and afterward click "Next." 

Modify which information you need to import by checking the suitable boxes. Choices incorporate your Outlook Calendar, Contacts and email messages. While indicating which email messages you need to relocate, you can decide not to import messages from your Junk Mail and Deleted Items organizers. 

Snap "Migrate" to move all chosen Outlook substance to your Gmail account.

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