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Nepali game Ludo, developed in 2 days, has now completed 50 million downloads – Great

The Ludo app made by Nepali youth has completed 50 million downloads.  Ludo , created by Yarsa Game, has just completed 50 million downloads...

The Ludo app made by Nepali youth has completed 50 million downloads. Ludo, created by Yarsa Game, has just completed 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

Created about 3 years ago, this app has about 20 million active and regular users. NJ Subedi, a co-founder of Yarsa Game, the ludo app developer in Nepal, said that most of the ludo users are from India.

“Currently, there are more than 20 million downloads of ludo in India alone,” he said. “One million downloads are from Nepal and the rest are from other countries.”

Yarsa Nepali Ludo

This gaming company based in Pokhara has achieved this success by competing with the previous games in the market. Whether alone or with family or friends, Ludo has become a popular game.

Game users are in the middle age group more than teenagers and children. ‘We didn’t make this app with great features,’ says NJ, ‘Ludo has a simple and easy-to-use UI UX. This simplicity is preferred by many users around the globe ‘

Yarsa Games Ludo developer

How Ludo was developed?

Ludo is a project completed in just two days. NJ’s team wanted to make a multi-player game. For that, they created a framework. The framework was completed in two days by Rahul, another co-founder of Yarsa and NJ’s brother.

“I designed the board for Ludo. In just two days, Ludo was ready, ‘he says. NJ was in a dilemma whether to put the ludo ready in two days on the site or not.

The app was placed on the site although the developer team was in dilemma. But now the same ludo has become the most downloaded game of Yarsa. Ludo’s craze is still growing. The app was downloaded four to five million times in a single day.

‘It has taught us a lesson that even small games can be the basis of success,’ says NJ. The question of why games like Free Fire, PUBG were not made is not uncommon.

But from Ludo, we understand that people like even small games. Nowadays, we’ve been working on refining the game.

Lately, Yarsa’s focus has been more on modifying existing apps and monetizing them than creating new ones. NJ says, ‘Lockdown has made the economic situation even stronger. The game has been downloaded a lot because of the games played to spend time at home. The positive effect is also seen in our income. ‘ (News translated from Techpana)

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