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NEA Starts Installing Smart Electricity Meters in Kathmandu | ADVANTAGES & DISADVANTAGES |

I   switch  to a  smart meter from   analog meter, As per  NEA (Nepal Electricity Authority) has begun the execution of Smart Electricity me...

I  switch to a smart meter from  analog meter, As per NEA (Nepal Electricity Authority) has begun the execution of Smart Electricity meters in Kathmandu. This comes as the principal period of the Kathmandu Valley Smart Metering Project (KVSM). 

One of the fundamental motivations behind the Smart meter is to decrease meter understanding expenses, permit levies dependent on time burden, and cut 'Total Technical and Commercial' misfortune. What's more, it will likewise assist with lessening power burglary. With the installation of Smart Electricity Meters, meter readers will no longer need to roam around houses generating the electricity bill.

On top of that, consumers can directly view consumption details through a web portal or mobile app.

How Does the Smart Meter Work?

A Smart meter is an electronic meter that records data like utilization of electric energy, voltage levels, flow, and force factor. These meters empower two-path correspondence between the meter and the focal framework. They can record energy utilization in close to ongoing, and report consistently in short stretches. 

Correspondence from the meter to the organization might be through WiFi, non-cell organization, or cell availability. 

In this undertaking, NEA has mentioned providers to introduce, test, commission, and keep up the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) in Kathmandu Valley. As a component of an AMI, utilities can utilize the ongoing information to distinguish framework interruptions rapidly, permitting prompt restorative activity.

Advantages of Smart Meters

  • Far greater and more detailed feedback regarding energy use
  • Reduces the number of blackouts and system-wide electricity failures
  • Reduced costs for micro-generation customers
  • Better customer service
  • Reduction in electricity loss and theft

Disadvantages of Smart Meters for Consumers

  • Additional fees for the installation of the new meter
  • Privacy concerns for the personal data collected and how it will be used
  • More responsibility placed upon the consumer for maintenance

Advantages of Smart Meters for NEA

  • Eliminates manual monthly meter readings
  • Monitors the electric system in real time
  • Encourages more efficient use of power resources
  • Provides responsive data for balancing electric loads while reducing blackouts
  • Enables dynamic pricing
  • Avoids the capital expense of building new power plants
  • Helps to optimize the profit with existing resources

Disadvantages of Smart Meters for NEA

  • The additional cost to train personal, develop equipment, and implement new processes for data storage
  • Managing public reaction and feedback concerning new meters
  • Making a long-term financial commitment to new hardware/software
  • Ensuring the security and privacy of metering data

The Disadvantages Are Short Term 

With new, asset saving innovation comes new difficulties that will emerge in regards to costly, energy-concentrated information stockpiling and the security gives that pose a potential threat over these homegrown and business advancements. In the event that customers are curious about overseeing new energy frameworks all alone, they are more averse to give close consideration to the energy-saving capability of such shrewd meters (or how their own information is being utilized). 

Most of the keen meter's impediments may appear to be present moment, however such difficulties will hinder the pace of selection for these advancements at times, particularly in country and as of now off-framework territories. 

Vows to secure and esteem the individual information of clients are critical however unworkable if electric organizations don't put network safety and specialized authority decisively in the sanction of their associations. Purchaser securities are as fundamental for the item as the responsive highlights that make them valuable to service organizations.

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