Colorful Holi and Things to Know prior to joining Holi Festival!

Holi Festival in Nepal is praised from early morning and don't end until twilight. This beautiful and generally energizing, high-energy celebration is praised all around in Nepal for 2 days. In the sloping zone like Kathmandu, Pokhara, it's praised on the first and in Terai, for example, Chitwan, Bardia, Birjung celebrated on the subsequent day. 

Priscilla & Me Holi 2019

Locally it's known as Fagu and celebrated on a full-moon day in Falgun Month (Lunar schedule) Mid February to Mid May. Holi celebration invites the spring season. There are numerous legendary stories behind the Holi Festival yet it's a triumph of good over evil. Celebration began from the Mahabharat, Indian renowned epic. Ruler Hiranyakashipu didn't permit individuals to revere God Vishnu however his (King) child Prahlad was an aficionado of God Vishnu. Seeing his own child a lover of Vishnu King attempted to kill him in an alternate manner however Vishnu was constantly to save the ruler. When the King requested his sister Holika to consume his child on the full moon night when Holika and Prahlad sat ablaze Holika was singed into cinders yet Prahlad was sound. Individuals saw Prahlad leaving the fire without anything and they began cheering and it's accepted that from this time the Festival Holi began.

Holi Festival Date in Nepal in 2021 

  • 28 - March - 2021 (Inside Kathmandu, Pokhara) 
  • 29-March - 2021 (Terai Region) 

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Individuals celebrate distinctively however chiefly on this day individuals celebrate with colors and tossing beautiful waters. For the most part on this day shops will be shut down and the central avenues will be loaded with shadings and waters. Where to observe Holi in Nepal? Indeed, depends where you are yet in the event that you are in Kathmandu visit Kathmandu Durbar Square. Deal with your effects things in the event that you are going into the group! 

Things to Know prior to joining Holi Festival! 

  1. Try not to convey significant things like your  IDs, wallet. (in the event that you are going into the group). 
  2. Ensure your camera,mobile is waterproof if not cover with plastic. 
  3. No one can really tell where and when you will be stunned by the water (inflatables, pails). 
  4. Colors that may influence you and hypersensitive issues individuals, Please don't. 
  5. Set yourself up to Play Holi. 
  6. Get white T-shirts since they will be beautiful toward the end and an essential blessing returning home. Ensure you needn't bother with your jeans once more!. 

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IMPORTANT: Because of the COVID-19, Please stay safe and Wear MASKS!!!

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