after the National Innovation Center, Mahabir Pun is coming up with a TV show ‘Aaviskar’.


2007 Ramon Magsaysay Awardee Mahabir Pun

The TV show Aaviskar is set to air on the Galaxy 4K TV soon. Aaviskar expects to advance and educate the crowd about extraordinary innovative headways. It will be an exploration type show highlighting various activities identified with development. 

With a ton of eyeballs collected towards Aaviskar, it has an incredible potential to make individuals mindful of the work by "Rashtriya Abiskar Kendra"

Be that as it may, what precisely would we be able to anticipate from the show? 

All things considered, I have my computations and assumptions from the show. Since I am following Mahabir Pun for quite a while I accept the show would give a stage to capable and inventive Nepalese in Nepal. 

An enormous segment of Nepalese is uninformed of major innovative progressions. So I accept this program 'Aaviskar' will helps in overcoming that issue. 

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Mahabir Pun is a savior to Nepalese advancement and the computerized local area. He has dealt with not one, not two but rather various ventures pointed toward making Nepal more fruitful. 

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Consequently with more reach with the vehicle of TV, the show is required to spread computerized mindfulness and populate innovation. Particularly, in the rural region. 

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