Nepal - COVID-19 Response Situation Report

 The regions with COVID-19 dynamic positive cases have now scaled to 75 out of 77, with 1,795 passings. In the previous week alone, there were around 80 COVID-19 related passings across Nepal (Ministry of Health and Population – MoHP). 

• In a startling improvement in the Nepalese world of politics, President Bidya Devi Bhandari-the President of Nepal, on 20 Dec 2020 has disintegrated the parliament and has reported that a new political race will be held in two stages: on the first and tenth May 2021. The Cabinet had prescribed the President to break down the parliament and direct new races. The Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli himself had taken the suggestion to the Office of the President. 

• The Chief District Officers of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur have chosen to authoritatively eliminate the odd-in any event, proportioning forced on private and public vehicles handling streets in the valley powerful from Friday, 18 December 2020. 

• Nepalese and Indians traveling to one another's nations are not needed to go through isolate in the event that they have a negative infection test report finished under 72 hours before takeoff, Nepal Airlines said on 17 Dec 2020, as it continued administrations to New Delhi following a nine-month break. 

• The WHO, on 17 December, said that the nations in Asia-Pacific Region are not ensured to have early admittance to COVID-19 shots and has encouraged them to receive a more extended term way to deal with the pandemic. While a few nations that have free antibody buy arrangements may begin immunization in the coming months, others could see inoculation start in the center or late 2021. 

• The MoHP has decreased the isolate and disconnection period for COVID-19 patients. Prior, the contaminated people were needed to remain in isolate or disconnection for 14 days. Presently, they need to remain just for 10 days. 

• COVID-19 patients possibly visit clinics in the event that they experience genuine side effects, as a result of which, patients in confinement has diminished, however the ICU beds are involved. In Kathmandu valley, news reports state, the vast majority of the ICUs at government medical clinics are involved.

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