Grab the telecom voice pack and talk to your heart

Want to talk with your loved ones on your mobile phone, but are you frustrated by the balance? In the present, we may want to talk more.

In this case the Unlimited Day Voice Pack and Unlimited Night Voice Pack offers offered by Nepal Telecom can be used. Using these packs can talk a lot without worrying about money.

Under the Unlimited Day Voice Pack, you can call anytime from 1am to 4pm. You must dial * 1415 * 9 * 2 # directly to purchase this voice pack. You can also text DVUNL and SMS to 2 to get this pack. This pack should be taken once and used within the next 4 hours.

You can have unlimited talk under Unlimited Night Voice Pack from 3pm to 4pm. This pack is very useful for customers who need to communicate overnight. You must dial * 1415 * 1 * 5 * 4 # to receive this pack. Similarly, by sending NVUNL and sending SMS to 2, this pack can also be taken.

You can buy a package that suits you by dialing * 1415 # to get different packages. Of the various packages available on Nepal Telecom's website, can also be used by selecting the voice pack that will be useful to you. Similarly, these packs can also be purchased from the company's app 'Nepal Telecom'. 
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