Net TV - The easiest way to watch Nepali TV channels on mobile

There are dozens of mobile apps and hundreds of websites to watch Nepali TV channels online. But mostly they are not work and cause of the Internet 'speed', watching TV on the Internet in Nepal is not easy.
The Net TV app may not be new to many. The Net TV app, which has been downloaded more than 2 million times, was made public by the end of the year Due to the misery of previously used TV viewing apps, it did not. Last year, when they launched IP TVs via Worldlink and ViaNet, they said interest in net TV had grown.

To watch Net TV, you need to open an account on the app after downloading the app on mobile (sign up). After signing up, Nepali and foreign TV channels can be viewed. Channels called free are viewed by the user for free. Free Watch channels require the user to pay Rs 6 per channel, per month (fees may vary for one package). For the free channels you want to watch, you can easily pay by choosing a TV channel, including IPA, eSewa.

In addition to live television in the app, news, country and foreign movies, and television shows are available. Hosted locally (in Nepal), all the TVs in the app play smoothly. Some movies and television programs have been put on YouTube.

What can happen in the future?

The use of 'on-demand video services' is increasing worldwide. Netflix, HBO Name, Hulu, Amazon Video Services etc. are the most popular video on demand services. Dozens of programs have been created and broadcast for Netflix, Hulu and so on.

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