Carnival of Blogs on Golden Era of Nepali Song Music – Happy Holi

March has a very important festival – Holi – linked mainly to onset of the spring in the North India and Nepal. The celebration of the festival is deeply ingrained into the fabric of the entire social culture of the people. As a natural corollary, it is but natural that the festivities are reflected into the mainstream (Nepali) Cinema. From the mellow and richly classical Holi songs in the 50s to the fun songs in the 70s, the flirtatious songs of the 80s to the power-packed, rigorous dance sequences in the new millennium, Holi songs have seen a gradual but marked change in style of music and the manner of filming the sequences. It is natural that we devote the opening session of the current edition of our blog festival to the articles featuring Holi songs in the Nepali Films.

We continue our pursuit of the golden period of Nepali music AND WISH YOU ALL HAPPY HOLI.
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