How To Set up GPRS in Mobiles!!

Ncell GPRS setting android mobile
Go To Settings > Wireless and Setting > Mobile Networks >Access Point Names > New APN input the following
Name : ncellgprs
APN : web
Proxy :
Port : 8080
MMC : 429
MNC : 02
APN Type : internet
Ntc gprs setting
To: >Settings > Wireless and Setting > Mobile Networks >Access Point Names > New APN > input the following
Name: ntnet
APN: ntnet
Port: 8000
MMC: 429
MNC: 01
APN Type: internet

Ntc gprs setting for Chinese set:

1.Enter the main menu.
2.Select Services, Data account, GPRS.
3.Edit any of the existing Data Account.
a.Provide Account name:Ntc
c.Leave User Name and Password field blank
d.Authentication type: Normal
4.Return back to Services, WAP and Settings
5.Edit the existing profile
a.Rename profile: Ntc
c.Data Account: Ntc(just created in step 4)
d.Connection Type:HTTP
e.Proxy address:
f.Proxy port:8000
g.Leave username and password field blank
6.Save the profile and activate it
7.Restart your set and you are now ready to surf internet
8.Most chinese sets does not support third paryt application so rest is upto customer.

Ntc gprs Setting for Nokia
(2626,2600,2760, 3110, 3120,3600, Xpress Music 5200, 5220, 5300, 5610,5310, 6030, 6070, 6080,6085, 6151, 6233, 6280, 6300,6500 Slide,6600,6220,7210, 7360, ...)

1. Enter the main menu.
2. Select Settings, configuration, personal config. setting
3. Add new (From options)
4. Select Web and provide details
a. Account name: Ntc
b. Homepage:
c. Leave User name and Password field blank.
d. Preferred access point: No
5. Then define access point settings
a. Proxy: Enable
b. Proxy Address:
c. Proxy port: 8000
d. Data bearer: Packet data.
6. Select Bearer settings.
a. Packet data access point: ntwap
b. Authentication type as Normal.
c. Leave other fields as it is.
7. Finally, activate the above created web
8. Restart your set and you are now ready to surf internet with NT Mobile GPRS service.
Note: In case if if third applications(like operamini,ebuddy,mig33) don't work, follow these steps:
1.Repeat the above steps upto 3
2.Select Access point and provide details
a.Account Name: Ntc
b.Go to Access point settings;
c.Data bearer: Packet data
d.Go to Bearer settings:
e.Packet data access point:ntnet
f.Network type: IPv4
g.Authentication type: Normal
h.Leave other fields as blank
3.Save the settings and activate it
4.Restart your set and you are now ready to surf internet.

Ntc gprs setting II for Nokia (N70, N72, N73, N76, N81, N93, N95, E63, E65, E71, E90, 3230, 3250, 5700 Xpress Music, 6120c, 6600, 6630, 6680, 7610, ...), LG-KT610

1. Enter the main Menu, Tools, Settings, Connection
2. Select Access points and go to options and then new access point with default settings
a. Connection Name: Ntc
b. Data bearer: Packet Data/GPRS
c. Access point name: ntwap
d. Leave username and password fields as it is
e. Authentication: Normal
f. Homepage:
3. Select Options on left menu and go to Advanced Settings
a. Leave other fields as it is
b. Proxy serv. Address:
c. Proxy port no: 8000
4. Return back to Connection, Settings.
5. Go to Packet Data/GPRS:
a. Packet data conn: When available
b. Access point: ntwap
6. Restart your set and you are now ready to surf internet
Make following connection if third party application is not installing/running
Follow upto point 2
1.Connection name: Ntnet
2.Access point:ntnet
3.Authentication: Normal
4.Use this setting when the third party application request for connection.
Ntc gprs setting for Nokia 3120
1.Go to Menu, Services, Settings
2.Go to Connection Settings
3.Edit one of the settings
a.Settings Name: Ntc
c.Session Mode: Permanent
d.Connection Security: off
e.Data Bearer: GPRS
f.Select Bearer Settings
g.GPRS Connection: When needed
h.GPRS access point:ntwap
i.IP address:
j.Authentication Type: Normal
k.Leave username and password blank
4.Save the settings and return back to menu
5.Restart your set and you are now ready to surf internet

Ntc gprs setting for Nokia 5800

5.Access Point
a.Automatically check for available access point
c.Name: NTC
d.Select wap services
6.Then go to wap services
a.Connection name: NTC
b.Access point name:ntwap
c.Authentication : normal
d.Option-Advanced setting i.proxy address:
ii.proxy port: 8000
9.Option –new access point
10.Automatically check for available access point
12.Provide name: ntnet
13.Access point name:ntnet
14.Authentication: normal
15.Back, Back.
To send/receive mms messages, do the settings similar to above but choose APN as ntmms and use MMS server IP address as listed below.
Apn : ntmms
MMS home Page/Server Address :
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Configuration details
Name : gprs
Apn : wap
Proxy :
Port : 80

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