Live TV Miss Earth 2012: Who will be the Queen of the Night?

Video streaming by Ustream
This is  coverage of the Grand Coronation Night of Miss Earth 2012. The big crowd together with the 90 beautiful ladies will witness the crowning at Versailles Palace in Alabang, Muntinlupa City, Philippines. The winner of this pageant will take the place of Ecuador’s Olga Alava and be the rightful recipient of the title “Miss Earth 2012.”

The 2012 version of the environmentally concerned international beauty pageant is more electrifying because of the supplementary competitions and contests before the actual big night. Top three competitors of the said activities received medals and valuable points. Those points will not be in vain because after the final computation, they will tell who will be qualified for the semifinal night, which only 16 of them have the opportunity to square off.
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