Great PC games which will run even in 2 GB ram

 There are heaps of individuals who need to play great games however they have an extremely old pc. Your old pc can likewise run incredible games, the games will have extraordinary story and ongoing interaction, however illustrations would be obsolete.

Computer Games

Be that as it may, you will partake in these games on the off chance that you disregard the illustrations part of it.

Games that Run in 2 GB RAM

Here are the games:

Freedom Fighters

This game was sent off in 2003. It was created by IO Interactive and distributed by Electronic Arts. The story is exceptionally intriguing, the Soviet Union has attacked and involved New York City. In the event that you like games that have a gunfight, you ought to attempt this once, you will like it.


It is a 1998 first-individual shooter game created by Valve and distributed by Sierra Studios for Windows. This is likewise an extremely fascinating game, it has something to do with outsiders and researchers. It will run as expected on your old pc.

IGI 1 and 2

IGI 1 was sent off in 2000 though IGI 2 was sent off in 2003. Both of these games are perfect and will run on a pc with a 2GB smash without a hitch. This is likewise a shooting-based game. You will be able to play with different various types of weapons in these games.

Max Payne 1 and 2

Max Payne 1 and 2 were sent off in 2001 and 2003 separately. These are extraordinary games. Extraordinary storyline, and incredible activity. The principal character of the game has some debilitated past story which makes this series more tomfoolery.

Call of Duty

First round of the Call of Duty series was sent off in 2003. This has an incredible storyline. It has such a large number of extraordinary The Second Great War weapons which you will be able to play with. This is a first-individual game, wherein you generally play with a gathering of a controlled fighter by AI. If you have any desire to take the experience of the climate of World War 2, you can play this game on your old pc.

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