Why is one thousand written as 1k?


There are many such words and letters that we have been speaking and hearing in our daily life. But sometimes you don't know why such words or letters are spoken or written in that way.

Similarly, we often start writing or speaking such words even after seeing or hearing the people around us. We've seen thousands write English letters. This trend has flourished when it comes to writing on social media. We have often seen what is written on social media to show the number of likes and subscribers. After all, why write a thousand? What is the relation of the word 'what' to the thousand of the letter?

Where did the word 'k' originate?

There are various arguments in this regard. The Greek word chilioi actually means a thousand. It is said that the same word is abbreviated as 'K'. What started as a Greek word for a thousand digits eventually became universal. What is written in thousands of places even in the Bible.

Use of thousands as kilos

When the Greek word chilioi was used in French, its meaning changed from thousand to kilogram. When we multiply something by a thousand, we call it a kilo. Like one thousand grams equals one kilogram and one thousand meters equals one kilometer. In the same way, thousands were used as kilos. When we write Kilo in English, the spelling starts with what letter. So what letter became the symbol of thousand and what was written in place of thousand. Like 25 thousand is 25K.

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