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I have been using my brother's name on the Nepal Telecom Pre-Paid SIM card. He had once purchased a SIM just for me out of convenience. In order to obtain a Nepal Telecom (NTC) Pre-Paid SIM card, he had provided his information and a copy of his citizenship. 


Today, we must have a SIM card in our own name because time has passed. One needs a SIM card in their own name in order to use the Nepalese Nagarik App. I considered purchasing a new SIM Card in my own name in such a circumstance. However, I would have to go to every bank and office to change my phone number if I had a new SIM Card. 


 Name Change for NTC Sim Card. 

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 For Nepalese Travelers, a USD Prepaid Card.  I did more research into the potential for name changes using the same prepaid SIM card and phone number. I learned that the procedure was incredibly simple. I then underwent a simple procedure. Always keep in mind that changing the name on your NTC SIM card and phone number is completely free. 


 Allow me to break down the steps for changing the name on a Nepal Telecom (NTC) PrePaid SIM Card. 


The best way to transfer a phone number and the name of an NTC PrePaid SIM card. 

  • Visit the Nepal Telecom office in Sundhara with the concerned phone and SIM card, a photo of you, and a copy of your citizenship (an original may also be required). 
  •  Fill out the Kabuliyat Form and PrePaid Mobile Phone Application forms that the HelpDesk provides. 
  •  You must give your fingerprint, personal information, and the prepaid phone number you have been using. 
  •  Send the paperwork to the PrePaid NamSari desk. 
  •  If your SIM card is operational, the officials will inquire. I had the phone with the SIM Card in my possession in this instance. They called the number listed in the query and checked the display of my phone to make sure. 
  •  They inquired as to whether I required a new SIM card. I explained that all I required was a name change and didn't require a new SIM card. 
  •  They confirmed a name change after some time, which I waited for. 
  •  Seeing my own name in the Nepal Telecom app on my phone allowed me to confirm the name change. 

 Please leave a comment if you need more information on this. I'm hoping that my expertise will be useful to you when renaming your Nepal Telecom Prepaid SIM Card and phone number.

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