Facebook New design launching soon

Messenger improvements aren't the only thing that Facebook announced at its F8 developer conference today.

Facebook is launching FB5, a new design for Facebook. The objective is to build Facebook "simpler, faster, and more immersive" and to set a focus on your communities. "generally, we've made it easier to find what you're looking for and get to your most-used features," Facebook explains.

The redesign looks cleaned up and loses much of the blue that we've seen from Facebook in the past. That means that the new-look Facebook is mostly white, which is something we've seen from several redesigned Google apps lately, too.

Parts of this updated Facebook design will begin appearing in the FB app right away. The updated desktop site will launch in the next few months.

Facebook also confirmed today that it plans to allow users to chat across Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Details on when this feature will roll out aren't available. This feature makes a lot of sense for these Facebook-owned messaging services, as it'll make it easier for users to communicate with their friends without having to constantly switch between apps.

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