Get to know these special shortcodes of Telecom

 Nepal Telecom has provided various short codes and USSD codes for the general public. But most people do not know these shortcodes.

As a result, they are not getting the necessary information and services of the company's telephone, mobile, internet and other services.

Nepal Telecom has brought special short code service to use various services for the convenience of the public. Even if not used immediately, these shortcodes can be useful when you are in trouble.

100: Police

101: Firefighters

102: Ambulance

103: Traffic Police

104: Search for children

105: Nepal Army, Kathmandu Valley

106: Nepal Army, Central Army, Police Gulm

107: Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority

111: Military Hospital Camp

1098: Child Helpline

1103: Traffic Police Jawalakhel

1111: Hello Government

1144: Tourist Police

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