Top SEO Hacks For 2022 To Skyrocket Your Website Ranking [ Updated]

The year 2021 will come to an end soon, marketers and businesses have already started planning their content marketing strategy for 2022. No content marketing strategy is complete without a strong SEO plan in place.

In large organizations and multinational companies, their team of advanced marketers are ready with an SEO strategy and some of its best practices which they plan to follow in the coming year; they have a list of keywords and are actively blogging.

Their website is optimized; they are actively using popular SEO tools likes Google AnalyticsAhrefsMozSEMrush, etc. However, for most businesses and marketers, the process is not so complex.

Most mid or small-sized businesses may not be able to invest a lot of time and money in planning their SEO strategy. Below mentioned are some of the top SEO hacks for 2021 which can help skyrocket your website rankings

5 SEO Hacks that you should know

  • Focus on the cornerstone content

Cornerstone content is the best content and core of your website. It is that content that will continue to remain important and vital for the audience even over a period of time. It addresses the needs and requirements of the audience.

The content is an exhaustive source of information that is regularly updated.  In simple words, cornerstone content is the content which you as a company want people to find when they search for relevant keywords.

It is that content that includes the best and most important pages or articles on your website which you want to rank highest in the search engines. Therefore it is very important that the content is strong and valuable. 

One of the key SEO hacks for 2021 is to focus on the cornerstone content and ensure it is accessible to the audience. Your sidebar is the ideal place to post your cornerstone content because it’s on every page of your website or blog.

  • Mobile Responsiveness

Usage of mobile gadgets like smartphones, tablets, etc. has increased over the years. Most users browse the internet or search online using their personal handheld gadgets, around 60% of online searches on Google are done from a mobile device.

A responsive website works well on all types of devices used for online search -desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc. A responsive website automatically changes its configuration to fit the gadget's resolution. Having a mobile responsive design ensures that your visitors are able to easily navigate through your website on any device.

A responsive website satisfies the users as it is easy to navigate, this helps in increasing conversions. Developing a responsive website is not a mere SEO hack it is more of an SEO best practice that needs to be monitored and updated regularly.

  • Loading Speed

The amount of time taken by a web page to load is called its loading speed. With the growing exposure to the internet and high-speed plans, people no longer have the patience to wait for websites to load. Most users tend to leave the website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

The page loading speed determines how long the visitors stay on your website. The longer the visitors stay on the website, the higher are the chances of conversions. Search engines like Google rank the websites depending on the time spent by users on a website.

Hence the page loading speed is a very important SEO factor. Ensuring the website is optimized so the loading speed is not impacted is one of the key Google ranking hacks which a business need to focus on.

  • Create rich Backlinks

If no websites or pages are linking back to your website, then search engines like Google will not rank you high. Building rich backlinks for your website is a very important factor considered by search engine algorithms.

If your website receives good backlinks from websites that are respected by search engines like Google, it can directly affect your search engine ranking.

The ranking algorithm of search engines is dependent on the number of backlinks receive and its genuineness and quality. If Google recognizes any form of unscrupulous SEO strategies or tactics being followed by a website, it can end up negatively impacting the rankings.

There is a direct relationship between good quality backlinks and Google rankings. Some of the best SEO strategies for developing good quality backlinks include adding guest posts, purchasing eternal links, adding reviews, comments, questions-answers to your content. Creating rich, good quality backlinks for your website is one of the best Google ranking hacks for your website.

  • Optimize the website Voice Search

The year 2020 saw more than 50% of the online searches being made using voice assistants like Google, Siri, Alexa, Cortana, etc. With the growing dependence on voice assistants for searching products and services online, it has become very important for a business to start optimizing their website for voice search.

You can optimize the website by creating content that easily answers questions about your products and services. The content should include specific keywords that are searchable and ranked high by search engines.

The voice searches are expected to increase more in 2021; this SEO hack of optimizing voice search requires you to only focus on answering the questions which are frequently asked by users.

Tools like Google Trends or Google autocomplete can be useful in creating content that can help optimize the website for voice search.


The factors determining the SEO strategy are not constant with the new developments in technology, they change each year.

Therefore as a business, it is important that your website is updated regularly and the latest developments and changes are incorporated.

If your website is not up-to-date then you will soon see it falling down the search engine rankings.  It is important to keep your website updated as per the latest SEO factors and Google algorithm changes with the above-mentioned SEO hacks to help boost your search engine ranking. 

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