Great News! Will be able to earn through content on Facebook, know full details here

 Facebook is working on a new feature and using this feature, users will also be able to earn from Facebook. For this, users have to focus on short form video. In which advertisements will also be shown.

Popular social networking site Facebook is soon bringing a means of earning for its users with the help of content. That is, along with sharing posts and photos on Facebook, you will also be able to make income. But this feature will be available only to users who make short videos. The company has focused exclusively on short-form video content, in which users who make Facebook videos will be able to earn through advertising shown in between. Let's know about the company's upcoming feature in detail ...

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According to the report Facebook says, 'However, initial testing will be a bit shorter and we hope to expand this feature to more content creators soon. So that more and more content creators can be added to it. ' Social networking company Facebook said it has also updated its in-stream ad eligibility so that more video creators can access the program, oppose in-stream ads for live, and expand paid online events. Also get fan membership in more countries. The company said that it has also updated the eligibility criteria so that more content creators can monetize their videos with in-stream ads.

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Facebook also said that 'users making videos after the new update will also get the facility to earn money. For this, they have to make a video of at least one minute. In which an advertisement of 30 seconds will run. On the other hand, if the length of your video is three minutes or more, you will be shown a 45-second ad in it. Make it clear that the earning opportunity will be available only on videos of three minutes and above. There is no earning from a one minute video. Also, it has also been informed that to get advertisements in the video, people need to have more views on their videos. For this, the video needs to be watched for at least 6,00,000 minutes.

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