Apple has unveiled such a new device

 Apple unveiled a variety of new devices at the Spring Loaded Lunch event held at the Steve Jobs Theater on Apple Park Campus in California, USA on Tuesday.

This time Apple has not only focused on the iPhone. Despite rumors that the iPhone 13 will be available for some time, the company has organized the event without a new iPhone, Engadget wrote.

The company seems to have added new gadgets to the program by updating old devices.

Apple's new devices that have been made public through virtual media are,


The main attraction of the user is the new iMac. It has a 24-inch display on the iMac and is available in attractive colors. The M-1 chip in it will make iMac run better and there will be no problem of sound coming from the device and heating quickly.

IMac has Touch ID feature. The device has been on the market since April 20. It is priced at $ 1,299.

IPad Pro

Apple has introduced the new iPad Pro in two sizes, available in 11-inch display and 12.9-inch display. This iPad Pro has a new mini LED display. In particular, its display has worked with new features.

The company has also used its flagship Silicon in the iPad Pro. This device has 5G and Thunderbolt connectivity features.

The iPad Pro two models will go on sale from April 30. Apple has priced the 11-inch iPad Pro at 799 and the 12.9-inch at $ 1,990.

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Air tag

After two years of rumors, Apple has finally unveiled its new device, the Air Tag.

IPhone users can find their lost devices with Air Tag. If an air tag is attached to a device and then the device is lost, its location can be found from the 'Find My' feature on the iPhone.

From the airtag, the user will easily know where the goods are. Apple has come up with such a new invention to reduce the problem of missing devices.

An air tag costs $ 29. The company has said that the purchase of four airtags will cost $ 99.

Apple TV

The new Apple TV has an A-12 bionic feature that allows you to watch HDR videos. Apple has also introduced the TVOS feature.

In this way, users will be able to customize the color of the TV screen from their iPhone.

The company has also redesigned the Apple TV remote.

With the new click feature on the remote, we can easily find any scene of our favorite movie or show.

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The new Apple TV is priced at $179 and the remote will be priced at $59.

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