Prevent Facebook Security Tips from Hacking Your Facebook Account

There is talk of internet and there is no name of Facebook, it cannot be said that in today's age, before buying mobile phones, they definitely check whether Facebook will run in it or not. This popularity of Facebook is taken advantage of by some anti-social elements, by hacking Facebook account and stealing personal information of others and either making them public or using them in a wrong way. Due to which sometimes Facebook users have to face a lot of trouble. Since Facebook is a social networking site and most users put their personal information on it, such as name, address, e-mail ID, personal photo, video, mobile number, etc., it is also necessary to be more secure that if you have this information in the wrong hands Do not fall into it.

Your personal information is sought by Facebook so that your friends and acquaintances can get to know you, you can easily connect with social networking, but it also requires caution. There are many cases in which personal information from the Facebook account has been stolen and made public. Recently, there was news that there was a technical flaw in Facebook, due to which the e-mail and mobile numbers of about six million users were made public. For this reason, Facebook has added some new features in its privacy settings, so let's know how to use Facebook safely -

Learn Facebook Basic Privacy Settings Tools
When you update your status on Facebook, in which you also upload photos, videos, etc., keep an eye on who can see it. Its control is in your hand, just you have to click on the post settings button below, you will get options like Public, Friends, Only me and Custom.

If you tick Public then the status shared by you will become public, that is, everyone can see it on the Internet. If you tick Friends, only your friends will be able to see that status and if you tick Only me, only you will be able to see the content uploaded by you. Apart from this, there is an option here and that is Custom. Through this option, you can make a setting of who can see your status, you can also give the name of a person or a person or block a person or a person.

Always log off your facebook account
Remember that after using Facebook, immediately logoff your Facebook account, it is necessary to do this in cyber cafes and other places, otherwise it can be misused by any person, if you think that in any place If you have not logged off Facebook account, then change the password of your Facebook account immediately. To change the password, go to account settings >> general >> password >> edit.

Check Active Sessions
The last time when you opened your Facebook account, the information is available here, along with any browser and in which operating system it was used, along with that the computer's IP address is also known. Used it. For this go to account settings >> Security settings >> Active Sessions.

Backup your Facebook data immediately
If you want to keep a backup of your Facebook data, then go to account settings >> general >> Download a copy, so that you can backup all your Facebook data in your computer.

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