How to earn money from Google sitting at home (5 to 10 thousand daily)

 Google Adsense is the best way to earn money sitting at home. Yes! Complete information about what is Google Adsense and how to earn money from it is given in this tutorial. Google is the world's largest search engine and it is also the biggest source of information, but perhaps you will be surprised to know that you can earn money from Google as well. Yes! You can make money online with google.


Yes… you heard absolutely right, you can also earn from Google. Today many people in the world are earning money from Google, that too millions and crores. Today, many big companies of the world earn money from Google and many people are earning very good money sitting at home.

how to earn money from google

Can I do any course to earn money from Google?

No… You do not need to do any course to earn money from Google. You just need to have some basic knowledge of computer which is common to all people nowadays.

It is necessary to have only passion inside you. There should be the ability to learn something new everyday and the ability to do something different. If all this is inside you then get ready because we are going to tell you the secrets of earning money from Google. Google's Google Adsense is such a service from which you can earn money.

What is Google Adsense 

Google Adsense is an advertising network that advertises. Earning is done by placing these advertisements on the website. I know you may not have understood all this yet. Let us understand with an example –

We watch TV everyday. A 5-minute show comes on TV, then after that a 2-minute advertisement comes. After this again 5-7 minutes show comes and again 2 minutes ads come.


Similarly, Adsense also advertises. Which we have to put on our website and whenever someone reading your website will see that ad and click on it, then we get money for it.

How to earn money from Google Adsense

1. By creating your own website

2. By creating a YouTube channel

3. By creating an app of your own and uploading it on Google play store

Let us now understand all these in details –

You must have come to know that you can earn money from Google Adsense, but you will not know where and how to use this Google Adsense.

You can earn money in all the three ways mentioned above.

1. If you are able to write well then make a website of your own. Put good information on that website to help people. Make your website popular and when more than 100 visitors start coming to your website daily, then you will be able to earn money from Google Adsense.

2. Make a Youtube channel of your own. Make a video on that channel on a good topic and try that the information given in the video is so good that people like it and subscribe to your channel and like your video.

When your channel becomes popular, then apply for Google Adsense and definitely you will be able to earn very well.

3. If you are technically good and you have knowledge of coding, then you can create your own Mobile Apps and upload them on Google play store. When people start using your apps and your app becomes popular then you have to earn money by applying on Google Adsense.

So the point is that whether you make a website or make a youtube channel or make an app, the more visitors you get on your service, the more money you will earn.

traffic (visitors) = money

How to use Google Adsense

Make Money with Adsense - To earn money from Google Adsense, you have to apply by going to Adsense's website, but before that we tell you some important things which are important for you to know.

=> What is necessary to use Adsense?

1. A website

2. 500- 1000 visitors per day on the website

3. Email ID

4. Bank Account

5. Basic knowledge of computer

Before applying on Adsense, you must have these few things. I know you must be thinking that you do not have a website.

Don't worry it is very easy to create a website…

Create your website for free (5 minutes)

We are now assuming that you have a website available. You have to write regular articles on your website so that the readers on your website increase.

When 500 – 1000 pageviews per day start happening on your website, at that time you are eligible to apply on adsense.

How to Apply for Google Adsense

So are you ready to earn thousands and lakhs of rupees? So let us take you to the world of Adsense. By using Adsense, you will also be able to earn income from your website.

To apply on Adsense, you have to follow some steps –

Step 1. First of all you have to go to the Adsense website – and click on the SIGN UP NOW button.

Step 2. If you already have your email id then click on the option of Sign in otherwise you have to click on the option of Create account.

Step 3. Now you have to fill this form and click on the Next step button and create your email ID.

Step 4. Now a form will appear in front of you in which you have to fill the name and language of your website and click on the Save and Continue button.

1. Enter your website name

2. Select the language of your website


3. Click on Save and Continue

Step 5. Now you have to fill your name and other details in the Adsnese application form.

1. Select Country

2. Select Time zone +5:30

3. Select individual in Account type

4. Enter your name

5. Enter your address

6. Fill your City

7. Select State

8. Enter Pincode

9. Enter the contact name

10. Enter your phone number

11. How to get to know can select any option in adsense

12. Yes in all the options in Email preference

13. Now check your full detail and click on Submit my application

Step 6. Great, now you have applied on Adsense.

Step 7. Now a mail will come on your mail from Adsense which will be like this. Here you have to click on Get started now.

Step 8. Now from Adsense dashboard you will get an Adsense page level code which you have to paste in the header of your website. Copy the code and paste it in the <head> of your website.

Now you have to wait for a few days.. because Adsense will now verify your account and after that will give you full approval.

Step 9. In 2 or 3 days, Google will review your website completely and approval mail will come on your email.

Congrtulation!! Your adsense account is ready. Now you have to create Ads code from your Adsense account and put it on the website and when a user will see the ads of your website and click on it, then you will get his money. Now you will be confused that how to put ads code from Adsense on the website, so we also tell you this.

Adsense Code Website Par Kaise Lagaye

After the Adsense account is approved, you can place ads on your website and for this you have to follow some steps –

Step 1. Login to your Adsense account and click on the option of My ads in the left sidebar.

1. Click on My ads

2. Click on New Ad Unit

Step 2. Select the option with Text & Display Ads here

Step 3. Now you can fill any Name (Example – Header Code) in Name and then click on Save and get code.

Step 4. Now you have to copy this code and go to the website where you want to display ads and paste this code

Now in 5 to 10 minutes ads will start displaying on your website and your earning will also start.. Now you must be thinking how Google will give you money? So don't worry because Google will transfer the money to your bank account.

To get money from Adsense in your account, you have to fill your bank details in Adsense account.

We are telling you step by step how to fill your bank details in Adsense –

Step 1. Login to your Adsense account and fill the details as shown in the image below –

1. Go to the setting option in the left sidebar

2. Click on the option of Payment

3. Click on Manage Payment Method

Step 2. Now here you have to click on the option of Add Payment Method.

Step 3. Now here you have to fill your Bank Detail –

1. Fill Account Holder Name

2. Enter the name of the bank

3. Enter Bank's IFSC Code

4. Fill Bank's Swift Code, if you do not know this code then contact Bank or call Costumer Care

5. Fill your Account Number

6. Now fill the account number again

7. Now click on the Save button

Congratulations! Now you have entered your bank details in adsense.

The minimum payout of Google Adsense is 100$. When there will be 100 $ in your account, then Adsense will transfer your money to your account.

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