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-- Find AirPods & Other Devices Instructions--

Before Starting: 
  • The app can't find AirPods that are still in their case - the case does not broadcast Bluetooth signals. This is stated in the description. 
  • If you lost only one AirPod, put the one you still have in the case and close the case. This will stop the signal from interfering with your lost AirPod. 
  • Don't disconnect your phone from your AirPods.
  • Make sure you are using the phone that connects to your AirPods.

Step 1  |  See my AirPods
  • In the App on the "Seen Devices" screen you should see your AirPods listed.
    • If your AirPods don't appear, walk very very slowly with the app until your they appear on the screen.  When your lost AirPods appear in the list, click on it.
    • If your AirPods do not appear in "Seen Devices," it means our app is not receiving Bluetooth signals from your AirPods. Remember that your AirPods must be on, within 75-100ft, and actively broadcasting Bluetooth. Try retracing your steps to another area. 

Step 2  |  Find my AirPods
  • Hold your iPhone or iPad in front of you and walk very very slowly around the area where you lost your AirPods.  
  • As you walk around the app will display how close you are to the lost headphones using Cold, Warmer, and Hot indicators.     
    • Cold – You are not close to your lost AirPods.  Move in a different direction.      
    • Warmer – You are getting closer to your lost AirPods.        
    • Hot – You are right next to your lost AirPods.
  • When the app displays "Hot" you are within 3-5 feet of your AirPods. Find them and get back to your music! They could be under a car seat, in a couch cushion, or in a pile of clothes - be sure to look thoroughly.

Step 3  |  Celebrate!
  • Click the "I Found My Headphones" button to tell the world you found your headphones and how great the app is!!

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