Where does Google find the answer to everything?

 No further introduction to Google is required. Everyone with access to the Internet, from children to the elderly, searches Google for answers to their questions. Google has information on every topic in every topic, regardless of which country it belongs to.

Google simply finds the answer to any question that comes to your mind. But have you ever wondered how Google can instantly find the exact answer to every question and concern you have?

Google actually goes through 3 steps to answer Google search user queries and searches.

Step 1: Crawling

The first step in crawling is to provide information about the topic for those who click the search button by typing to find something in Google search.

In fact, web crawlers search for different webpages, find them, follow their links, and collect all the data in them on Google's servers.

Step 2: Indexing

The second step after crawling is to search for webpages of different topics and bring the links and data in them to Google's server. When crawlers find a webpage, they look at the content on that page. At that time, attention is paid to various things like word, copy and paste of website content from other sources.

All of these are tracked by Google's system. If any duplicate content or pages are found in the process, it will be removed. When the latest information is received, it is stored in the Google Index and a database is created.

Last step: Serving Result

Serving Result is the last and third step in showing a user's search or answer to a question on a Google search page. When we search for something on Google. Then the answer to our question or query is found on Google page.

Google search depends on a variety of factors, but after crawling and indexing, the pages that are ahead in the page rank appear first. That way, Google will be able to answer every single one of your questions in an instant.


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