Don't want anyone to take a screenshot of your Facebook? Do it-----

 You and I are always active on social media. For some, social media is becoming a daily routine at the beginning of the day and before going to bed at night.

Every day new features are coming on the social networks we use like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Some of these features are available to all users while some are targeted to specific areas or users only.

Profile Guard is one of the many features of Facebook that can only be used in certain geographies. This protects your Facebook profile and timeline.

After activating this feature, no one will be able to screenshot your timeline, download profile picture or take a screenshot. This will keep some of your sensitive files or other posts safe.

You can use the profile guard feature if you want your posts on Facebook not to be screenshoted by anyone else. But in Nepal this feature cannot be activated so easily.

But today we are telling you how to use this feature while staying in Nepal. If you are outside Nepal, where you can activate this feature, you can easily keep a profile guard from the Facebook app.

If you go to your timeline for that, you can see your profile photo inside the circle. Below the circular line is the camera option.

If you click on it, the option 'Keep guard on your profile' appears. With that you can easily activate the guard feature.

But if you are in Nepal or any other region like Nepal, where Facebook has not provided this feature, then you have to adopt another method.

How to put profile guard on Facebook from Nepal?

  • To do this, first click here and download the Monokai Toolkit app from the Google Play Store to your mobile.
  • Now log in to the app with your account ID and password.
  • This app will then take you to a new page. Where the interface looks like the web version of Facebook. But in reality it is different from the web version.
  • At the bottom of the new page appear four options (Feeds, Messages, Tools and Settings).
  • Then tap on Tools.
  • After going to the tool, another page opens. Above is your profile and name. The search bar below the name appears. If you look to the right from the search bar, you will see three other options.
  • The monokai points at the beginning are of no use at the moment. Go to the icon Personal in the middle. Which also includes a feature to activate the guard.
  • The Avatar Guard appears first when you tap on the Personal icon. Turning it on will automatically activate the guard feature in your profile.

* But keep in mind, this is a third party app, not a Facebook app. So consider for yourself whether or not to take the risk of using this app. Another option is to change your Facebook password by logging out of this app after having a guard on your profile.

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