Here are 8 things to consider before buying a new computer

 Buying a new computer is not an easy task, and today you do not want to buy a machine that will not be useful to you in a couple of years. So, before buying a computer, there are a few things to keep in mind. Today I am going to tell you such things.

    This is one of the simplest choices, and it will make a huge difference in your cost. And there are costs involved, which you may not know right now. If both the desktop and the laptop work the same for you, I think it is better to take the desktop because it is cheaper, although it is larger in size, but it does not make much difference. But if you have to store a lot of components on a small piece of hardware, and move it from place to place, a laptop is fine.

    Learn about the new computer's processor

    Before buying a new computer, you need to know what kind of processor you are using.

    Simply put, the processor is the brain of the computer. If you want a fast computer, which loads programs very fast, performs tasks very fast, and does not let you wait, you should take the strongest processor. And who doesn't want that? Processors should be selected only after you know the details of the processor. One of the best processors is Intel.

    Dual Core - If you want to get a new computer for general home use, this will be the best option for you.

    i3 Processor - If you want to work at home and in the office and use high quality multimedia software like Photoshop, Coraldra etc. then this is perfect for you.

    i5 Processor - If you want to enjoy gaming at home and use high quality games, videos and software, this option is perfect.

    i7 Processor - This is a great choice for professional work.

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    Choose RAM well

    Before buying a new computer, you need to know how much RAM you need.

    Just as a computer's processor core affects its multitasking speed and capacity, so too does the amount of random access memory or RAM affect a computer's multitasking speed and capacity. RAM is basically a small, extra-fast form of memory (like L1, L2, or L3 cache, but larger and slower). This saves your files temporarily.

    Today, RAM is measured in gigabytes. With a lot of RAM, your computer will be able to maintain speed even when storing a lot of files. Although a lot of data can be stored in RAM, it depends on the hard drive for its data.

    2 GB RAM - usually used for dual core etc.

    4 GB RAM - would be perfect for moderate use, you can use with I5 and I3.

    8 GB RAM - would be a good choice for commercial use.

    Choose hard drives carefully

    What you use your computer for can determine the size of your hard drive.

    Every computer needs data storage, because whatever RAM saves goes to the hard drive. If you want to store a lot of things on a computer, take as many gigabytes or terabytes of hard drive as possible. Take a big hard drive, and save money. If you want to maintain a fast computer, and you have enough money, then use hard drives or flash hard drives with more memory.

    Mac OS, Windows, or Linux!

    Choose your computer's operating system very carefully. In my opinion, you should use the operating system you are used to. Because it can be difficult to adjust to a new operating system. If you know how to use the Linux operating system, you do not have to worry. You use the same. If you prefer to use the system first, try the Mac operating system. If you want better control over your computer, then Windows is a good choice for you. Whatever operating system you know how to operate, it is best to use it alone, as you will find for every software, every operating system.

    The choice of graphics is also very important

    Computer makers always put stickers on their computer screens, depending on which graphics card they use on that computer, such as AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards. Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. You have to carefully choose the graphic card for gaming, heavy software.

    If you want to know more about Graphic Card, you can check out PassMark's site.

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    Oh, are you into gaming too?

    If you want to use a computer for gaming, then choose your components very carefully. If you want to play the latest games made using high technology, you should take a high performance machine. Modern games also take up a lot of space, so you should also take up extra memory of the hard drive. The processing power of these games is also high, so heavy-hit processors are required.

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    How to buy a new computer? 
    First of all, a computer is a very expensive machine, so it takes patience to buy it. Technology changes very quickly. The computer you are buying today may have a better computer at a lower price tomorrow, so before you buy a computer, do your research and choose the best computer that suits your needs. If you are buying an old technology computer, try to get maximum discount on it. Bonus Tips - If you can assemble a new computer (meaning each part is custom made), then assemble it, it will cost you cheaper and you will also get the computer according to your mind. Here are some things to look for when selecting a new computer. With all these things in mind, you should choose a PC or laptop for yourself.

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