NRB warns not to invest in networking

Nepal Rastra Bank has warned not to invest in networking business. NRB has warned not to invest in pyramid businesses like Hyper Fund, Josial, Crowd One and Solemax. Calling for affiliation to the networking business has been urged to be vigilant as such business is illegal.

NRB warns against trading in virtual currency and cryptocurrency Hoping for high returns in the short term, not to invest in networking businesses including virtual and cryptocurrency and related hyper funds.

As cryptocurrency and networking business is not recognized in Nepal, it has been informed not to engage in such business and business as the general public will be deceived while doing business with such illegal financial instruments and money will flow out illegally.

NRB has stated that action will be taken according to the prevailing law if Nepali and foreign nationals residing inside Nepal and Nepali nationals residing outside Nepal are found to have invested in virtual and cryptocurrency and networking.

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