How To Add Download Countdown Timer For Blogger 2022

In today's blog post we are going to tell you about How to add Download Countdown Timer in Blogger.

But before moving ahead lets first understand what is Download Countdown Timer and how to use it in Blogger for maximum Earning.

      What is Download Countdown Timer?

      Many times you may have come across websites which says Download will start after "X" seconds. You have to wait for "X" number of seconds before the file you want gets automatically downloaded and the download page also shows many big display Ads.

      These type of pages uses Download Countdown Timer widget because of which you have to wait to be able to download the requested file.

      Why Should you add Download Countdown Timer in Blogger?

      There are several benefits of Download Countdown Timer Widget, check them below:

      • If your website is hosted on Google Blogspot and you provide Downloadable files than you should consider adding this Download Countdown Timer Widget.
      • This widget will help you to significantly reduce the bounce rate which will have a positive impact on SEO of your blog.
      • After successfully implementing this widget you will see that your Adsense revenue has started increasing as this widget allows to display huge display Ads on the Download page.
      • This widget also helps users as the file they want will be downloaded automatically, they don't need to visit third party sites to download the file.

      How does Download Countdown Timer works?

      Download Countdown Timer is a JS-based lightweight plugin for Blogger. Earlier it was available only for WordPress but now you can install it on Blogger as well. This plugin uses Javascript to enable timer function and HTML tags to display Ads and file download URL.

      How to add Download Countdown Timer for Blogger?

      Below I have explained all those steps in detail with the help of which you can easily use this Download Timer Widget. So follow the steps below carefully

      Step 1. Log into your Blogger dashboard.

      Step 2. Scroll Down, click on Pages and add a new Page.

      Step 3. Click on HTML View and delete all the present HTML codes.

      Step 4. Copy the below code and paste it.
      <br />
      Enter Adsense code here
      <br />
      <div dir="ltr" style="text-align: left;" trbidi="on">
         var count = 15; // Number of remaining seconds.
         var counter; // Handle for the countdown event.
         function start() {
          counter = setInterval(timer, 1000);

         function timer() {
          // Show the number of remaining seconds on the web page.
          var output = document.getElementById("displaySeconds");
          output.innerHTML = count;
          // Decrease the remaining number of seconds by one.
          // Check if the counter has reached zero.
          if (count < 0) { // If the counter has reached zero...
           // Stop the counter.
           // Start the download.
           window.location.href = "Enter your download link here";
         // Start the countdown timer when the page loads. 
         window.addEventListener("load", start, false);

      <br /><b>
      <h2>Your download will begin in <span id="displaySeconds">15</span> seconds.</h2><br />
      <br />
      Enter Adsense code here
      <br /><br /></b></div>

      Step 5. By default, the countdown timer is set for 15 seconds if you want to change then you will have to change 15 to your desired number and please note that 15 will appear 3 times you will have to change it.

      Step 6. Add your Adsense Ad code where it says (Enter Adsense code here) and add your download link where it says (add your download link here.

      Step 7. After following the above steps, click on save and publish your page.

      You will have to add the above code wherever you wish to add a download countdown timer.


      I know that the above method is little lengthy and may be tricky for new bloggers who are still at learning phase but trust me adding this script is not rocket science it is very easy and once you add it you will get all the benefits which I have mentioned above.

      I hope this blog post on Download countdown timer for Blogger was easy to understand and implement. If you find any difficulties while implementing this widget then comment below, I would surely help you.

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      That's all for today, we will get back with a new post soon. Till then, take care and enjoy Blogging.

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