What to do after all, it is the heart. [ Literature ]

The heart is an important organ whose job is to transport blood to different parts of the body. And wish! The heart does only this, but this poor thing does not know what it feels, it endures. It passes through so many feelings, laughs, cries, breaks many times and then rejoins, swings in the swing of sorrow and happiness.

Sometimes it blooms due to the rain of Sawan and sometimes it gets wet from the rain of the eyes. Sometimes my heart feels like a shelf to me. On that we go on accumulating all the feelings one on one, and when there is no more space for any emotion, then some of those feelings fall down on the ground and break and then we fall on the ground. The fallen pieces begin to collect.

But while gathering the pieces, we forget that why are we suppressing our own heart under such a burden. But as time passes, we dare again, forget all, once again by awakening our faith, our broken hearts Sew it back, put a heart back and mend that broken heart again, to feel all that, to bear all that.

Once to break, again to hurt. Poor heart, my small, broken but beautiful heart. How much he endures, no one is with me, but whatever happens, my heart never leaves my side.


It is said that the part which is beating in the chest, is the whole story of that. What to do after all, it is the heart.

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