Forgot Wi-Fi password? This is an easy way to find out on mobile

 In today's world of internet and social networking we have so many passwords that it is impossible to remember them all. On top of that, sometimes you have to change the password. In this way, like others, we even forget the password of Wi-Fi.

Whether at the office or at home, when a friend or relative comes, you have to give the password, remember or say where the password is kept, you have to find it. We have been giving tips on how to find out the password from the computer before.

But today we are talking about how to find the forgotten password from mobile. For this you need a mobile with Wi-Fi connected.

Here's how to find a Wi-Fi password

Now go to Wi-Fi by setting the mobile to find the connected password.

There you will see many Wi-Fi (SSID) along with Wi-Fi connected to your mobile. Tap on Wi-Fi connected to your mobile or highlighted.

After doing so, you will see a QR code, 'Share Wi-Fi Network'. So you can scan the same QR and connect to another mobile Wi-Fi.

But if you want to find out the password, take a screenshot of the QR code that appears there.

After doing so, open Google Chrome or any other browser app and search for QR Code Extractor or QR Code Decoder and open the following link. Instead you can even click directly here.

The QR Code Online Decoder feature will now appear on your mobile. To upload a file, click on the Choose File button and upload the recently taken screenshot (QR code).

Now click on the submit button at the back. By doing so, you can find the result that the decode is successful. There you will finally see the Wi-Fi name as well as its password

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