Mobile Photography: Amazing photos will be clicked from the phone, just change the settings of the phone in this way, know the complete detail here

 Smartphone is being sold in the market with the claim of amazing photography. But when you do photography with this phone, there is not that good photo click. While many camera modes are provided by the smartphone companies for the convenience of users, which are present in your phone as pre-sets. Also, there is a facility of clicking photos with manual settings. The reality is that smartphone companies can offer good camera phones. But you have to click a great photo from him. Some camera modes should always be used to click a good photo from the phone.

Burst Mode: To click an action photo such as a photo of a moving car, one should always turn on the Brust Mode. A good photo is clicked when Brust mode is on during a sports game or a moving object.

HDR Auto Mode: HDR Auto Mode is available as a pre-set mode in most smartphones. When HDR (High Dynamic Range) Auto Mode is on, the phone's camera clicks the photo differently. More vivid colors are present in it.

Viewfinder: Every smartphone has a viewfinder, which locks the focus of the smartphone. With this, clear and excellent photos can be clicked from your phone's camera.

Grid Mode: Grid Mode converts the phone's screen into a 3X3 grid. During this, the rule of third should be used while clicking the photo.

Exposure: Exposure meter mode is present in few smartphones. With the help of which amount of light should come on the photo. This can be fixed.

Optical Zoom: If possible while clicking a photo from the phone, then Zoom should not be used, because the Zoom's pixels of the phone's photo burst. In such a situation, optical zoom should be used instead of digital zoom.

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Live Focus: Amazing portrait photos can be clicked with Live Focus. With this, a photo with blurred background can be clicked.


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