Lost your phone? Google it !

There is a phone in a corner of the house, but it could not be found. Went somewhere, left the phone and came back. How to find out where your phone is?

Google's 'Android Device Manager' tells you the 'location' of your phone. The same feature of 'Android Device Manager' is now available directly in Google search, said Google through Google Plus. After going to Google and typing 'find my phone', the location of the phone now appears directly at the top of the search results page. If you are at home, you can ring the bell, even if the phone is in 'silent' mode, the bell rings loudly when calling from Google.

In terms of phone security, Android Device Manager is a must-use feature. In case of loss of the phone, your phone can be searched, 'locked' from the dashboard of 'Android Device Manager', and all the 'data' in the phone can also be deleted. Your phone may not always be online or if 'Location On' is not available, Google will show the last 'Location' of your phone. You must be 'signed in' to your Google Account when searching on Google.

P.S .: Only if you use 'Android Device Manager' to protect your Android phone / tablet, you can search your phone directly from Google search. If Google can't find your phone, reconsider the settings of 'Android Device Manager' and your phone's settings.

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