Where is Corona in South Asia: India at the forefront, where is Nepal?

One of the first South Asian countries to confirm the corona virus infection was in Nepal. Today, Bhutan has the lowest corona infection throughout South Asia. Then there was Nepal. But Nepal has overtaken the Maldives on Friday after it was found to have infected five people in one day. The bar chart above shows the numbers from the time they were first discovered.

Some facts

- The first corona infection in South Asia was seen in Nepal on January 1st.

- The first corona infection was confirmed in Sri Lanka on January 5. After Nepal, Corona is one of the South Asian countries in Sri Lanka.

- The first case was found in India on January 5.

- The first case was found in Pakistan on February 7, but now it is the second largest case after India.

- The lowest case in South Asia is in Bhutan. So far, only 1 infection has been confirmed.

- By the second week of March, India had the highest number of cases in South Asian countries. But from March 7, accidentally, Pakistan remained at the forefront.

- Pakistan was at the forefront until April. But then again India has been at the forefront of what has remained.

- Bangladesh and Afghanistan are now third and fourth.

This is what happened in South Asia. Now look at the whole world -

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