What is Lock Down?

Various countries around the world have opted for a lockdown to reduce the population and prevent the spread of the corona virus.

The local administration was locked down in Wuhan, China and other metropolitan cities, beginning with the Corona virus.

Italy, which is now called the epicenter of the epidemic of the Corona virus, has also led to lockdowns across Europe. In addition, the capital city of Manila and more than 30 million people in the Philippines have been locked up. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also announced a lockdown in the name of people's curfew.

Lock down means locking in an environment for people to get out. The purpose of lock down is to prevent people from exiting the home and thus to prevent the spread of the corona virus infection.

Depending on the implementation, the lock down is determined by how tight it is. In some countries, areas of urgency are operating smoothly during lockdown. In some countries, there have also been cases of exodus from the house during lockdown.

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